Covid-19 and OMG

by OMG Games ON

COVID-19 update May 19, 2020

Starting today OMG will be opening back up thier doors.
Our store hours for will be:
Mon-Fri.: 3pm-8pm
Sat.: Noon-5pm

During these times we will be restricting the number of customers in the store.
Customers will also not be allowed to handle single binders.
We will not be hosting any events and the play area will be closed,
Store trade in will be accepted but customers may be required to wait in the play area while cards are processed.


Join the OMG discord server here. 
Find local players looking for games(#lfg-mtg) and play some games on Arena or Magic Online, pick a table and live chat while you play.
Starting March 27th you can play FNM at Home, With Your Local Store, and on MTG Arena and share your screen shots in the lobby and get codes from us for custom sleeves.
We will also start hosting our own events using arena and Magic Online to try and keep the local community together.
Channel Fireball will also be running Magicfest on arena. If you sign up to play use the Store Code: OMG GAMES AND COLLECTIBLES 

We will continue to process online orders and shipping on Tuesdays and Fridays to help our community have access to games and cards.
Not sure what to get and want to help out consider a gift card.

We look forward to seeing many familiar faces but we must continue to promote social distancing and extra safety measures during these times.


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