Midnight Hunt Commander Deck - Coven Counters

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This pre-constructed deck for Commander Legends contains a Green White deck chock full of Humans and Angels. Add lots of +1/+1 counters to them all to make them swoll!

100-CARD READY-TO-PLAY DECK. Designed as an introduction to Commander, these decks are ready-to-play right out of the box, without sacrificing the richness and depth that's made Magic iconic.

CARDS PRINTED FOR THE FIRST TIME. There are 30 new cards printed in the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander Decks, plus they're loaded with reprints to kickstart the Commander experience.

Each deck contains:

  • 1 Display Commander card
  • 2 foil Legendary cards
  • 98 regular cards
  • 10 double-sided tokens
  • 1 Life Wheel

Releases September 24th

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