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Strixhaven is the most elite University in the Multiverse. It features five colleges, which battle it out with their own takes on magic: 

  • Silverquill, the black/white school focused on the magic of wit and words.
  • Lorehold, a white/red college focused on adventuring and archaeology.
  • Prismari, the red/blue performing arts-esque school.
  • Quandrix, the blue/green magical mathematics college.
  • Witherbloom, the green/black "goth bio majors" who explore, enhance, and make use of nature.

 Learn from the best professors and explore Strixhaven’s huge library!

Draft Boosters are the backbone of Magic. They’re the basis of Limited formats like Booster Draft and Sealed Deck, and they’re great for players looking to build a unique collection of cards for Constructed formats. New and experienced players alike enjoy tearing into a Draft Boosters to discover which new cards they’ll add to their decks.
Each Booster Pack Contains 15 random Magic cards including at least 1 rare or mythic.

Release Date April 23rd 2021 

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