Core Set 2021 Arena Starter Kit

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    The Magic Arena Starter Kit is a learn-to-play product aimed at new players, including instructional materials that guide two players through their first game. 

    The package contains a 16-page reference rulebook and two fold-out tuck boxes for the decks. Finally, you get an MTG Arena code card, good for digital copies of both decks, that can be used twice—once for you, and once for a friend you'd like to play with.


  • 2 60-card preconstructed decks
  • 2 Quick-start guides
  • 2 First game walk-through cards
  • 1 Rules and world-of-Magic booklet
  • 2 Spindown life counters
  • 1 MTG Arena code card (unlocks both decks for 2 players)

  • This is a Preorder item and will be Available July 3rd.

    - $9.99

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