Innistrad Checklist [Innistrad Tokens]

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Set: Innistrad Tokens
Type: Card
Rarity: Common
(You can mark this card to represent a double-faced card in your library or hand.)
☐ Cloistered Youth {1}{W}
☐ Thraben Sentry {3}{W}
☐ Civilized Scholar {2}{U}
☐ Delver of Secrets {U}
☐ Ludevic's Test Subject {1}{U}
☐ Bloodline Keeper {2}{B}{B}
☐ Screeching Bat {2}{B}
☐ Hanweir Watchkeep {2}{R}
☐ Instigator Gang {3}{R}
☐ Kruin Outlaw {1}{R}{R}
☐ Reckless Waif {R}
☐ Tormented Pariah {3}{R}
☐ Village Ironsmith {1}{R}
☐ Daybreak Ranger {2}{G}
☐ Garruk Relentless {3}{G}
☐ Gatstaf Shepherd {1}{G}
☐ Grizzled Outcasts {4}{G}
☐ Mayor of Avabruck {1}{G}
☐ Ulvenwald Mystics {2}{G}{G}
☐ Villagers of Estwald {2}{G}

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