OMG at Yeticon

OMG Games is proud to be returning to Yeticon in 2024.

Come visit us, grab a drink and try out something from our extensive board game library or join in one of our many events over the weekend.

10am to 10pm

11am- Wyrmspan Demo
12pm- Modern Horizons 3 draft ($40)
12pm- Ticket to Ride qualifier
1pm- Heat: Pedal to the Metal Demo
2pm- Ticket to Ride qualifier
2pm- Modern Horizons 3 Commander Sealed Event (commander deck purchase)
3pm- heat: Pedal to the Metal Demo
4pm- Ticket to Ride qualifier
5pm- Modern Horizons 3 Sealed ($80 - prerelease kit)
6pm- Ticket to Ride qualifier

10am to 5pm

11am - Ticket to Ride qualifier
11am- Modern Horizons 3 draft ($40)
12pm- Commander Championship
1pm- Wyrmspan Demo
2 pm- Ticket to Ride Championship


Looking for something specific or building a new Magic Deck, have it shipped to Yeticon to pick up there.